Acoustical Solutions

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Acoustical Solutions

In shared spaces – for work, study, dining, leisure – noise pollution caused by unwelcome and distracting sounds can have a negative impact on human Psychological wellbeing. Lighting conditions also influence our mood and health, playing a fundamental role in the creation of a space suited to various needs. Supplying proper lighting and greater acoustic control at the same time – for better comprehension of speech and reduction of noise propagation – make it possible to generate a comfortable environment, contributing to boosting wellbeing and productivity.

Background noise – particularly in modern buildings can often be uncomfortably loud, due to the predominance of sound-reflecting materials. The design of the room (shape, furnishings, surface finishes, etc.) influences the extent to which the sound level decreases in relation to distance. An unfurnished room with sound reflective surfaces, such as a church, is perceived as being more reverberant than a well-furnished living room.


Three-in-one solutions
(light + acoustic + design)

Luceplan has extensive experience in the creation of “all-in-one” solutions that combine high levels of technical lighting and sound-absorbing performance. A series of products that are true architectural parts capable of defining and personalizing any context. Lighting systems that combine solutions of decor and acoustic comfort for public and private settings, in creative approaches to the highest performance to match the beauty of design to the quality of light: tailor-made lighting that furnishes and customizes space, in a perfect balance of technology and design.




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A partition or a ceiling, that surprisingly becomes light. Rigorous linear design for the new Diade suspension lamp. After the success of Silenzio, Monica Armani continues her research on new technical lighting solutions that also offer high levels of sound-absorbing performance. A linear LED lamp for the workplace; a modular architectural feature capable of defining space and personalizing the context. The two “wing” panels can be positioned vertically or horizontally to create a partition or a large ceiling element. Two solutions solve lighting and sound-absorbing needs to help create"ceiling sensations" with having to install dropped ceilings. The panels, thermoformed with sound- absorbing padding, are shaped and marked by lines that have a simultaneously decorative and structural role. The LED light of Diade can be a direct light (vertical installation) or even direct/indirect (Horizontal installation).




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Farel introduces an iconic dome structure, a neutral geometric form proposed of sound-absorbing thermoformed material with an outer fabric cladding. The lamp can be personalized thanks to a combination of colors of the shade, ranging through cool, warm and neutral tones for the outside, combined with dark or pale hues for the inside.




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Pétale could be defined as a gracefully suspended petal that spreads soft, smooth white light. But the truly extraordinary feature of this object with an organic form is the way it absorbs sound. The body of the lamp, covered with white fabric, is made with a sound-absorbing panel. The dome that covers the light source is in polycarbonate. While it is ideal for use in compositions of multiple ‘light petals’ in large spaces for hospitality and socializing, Pétale also performs its multiple functions perfectly as a ‘soloist’ in any inhabited context. 


The tecnology of Pétale is based on free suspended soundabsorbing units. Sound waves propagate through the fabric and penetrate inside the sound absorbing material, where their energy is reduced. With Pétale, the sound waves are not just absorbed by the bottom surface but also by the top, which intercepts sound reflected by walls and ceilings.




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Silenzio by Monica Armani is a lighting system that combines furnishing solutions with high sound-absorbing performance for public and private spaces, with the beauty of fabrics and exceptional quality of light: a lighting system that decorates and personalizes spaces, the perfect expression of the interaction of technology and design. Silenzio is made with layers of different sound-absorbing materials. An inner expanded polyurethane is covered with an external fabric, while the internal polyurethane foam boosts the level of acoustic performance.





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Trypta is a system of suspension lamps that offers a combination of acoustic features and lighting performance in various dimensions and colors. The cylindrical aluminum body is equipped with two LED sources to provide both direct and in direct diffused light. Three slots along the body of the lamp permit assembly of three acoustic panels positioned at 120°. The core of the panels is made of a high-performance soundproofing material, covered with an elegant fabric offered in different colors. The body of the lamp comes in two lengths while the panels are available in a range of different sizes, as it is possible to create varied configurations - flat, shifted and mixed - by combining panels in different measures and positions.





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