Cabico Kiosk

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Cabico Kiosk

Date : 2018
Designer / Architect:  Hatem+D

This booth for Cabico was first presented at the KBIS 2018 trade show in Orlando, Florida, where it garnered the award for best medium-size booth. Surrounded by a partition made of translucent fabric, the space culminates with a central volume composed of elements evoking a mountain of kitchen cabinets, the manufacturer’s flagshift product. Though the form is simple and modular, it is no less impressive. This central cube’s installation at an oblique angle encourages the circulation of visitors, who walk around the space to little by little discover this innovative company. Once they reach the centre, they can enter the cube and view, in a subdued setting, a video that highlights Cabico’s human face.

The jury recognized the booth’s functional and innovative merits, which combine to attract visitors with a creative experience that gets them better acquainted with the manufacturer. It is a luminous project that, through a thoughful layout and a number of finely designed elements, effectively presents the many facets of Cabico’s products and services.


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